Golden Claws

Breeding Nursery «Golden Claws»

     Welcome to the website of the nursery «Golden Claws»! Here you can find information about two different species of cats: The Norwegian Forest Cat and Cornish Rex and other animals.
    The website belongs to the nursery where we are fully engaged in breeding these two species of cats.
    The name «Golden Claws» was chosen because of the great beauty and the elegant behavior of these creatures. The  nursery started breeding The Norwegian Forest Cat in 2008  and Cornish Rex in 2005.
     The nursery, where experts of the science of felinology work, was opened in 2008, and in 2014 it was successfully registered in WACC.
   Our cats participate in local and international competitions. In addition, I would like to say that international and local judges give our cats mainly the highest marks!
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   Our cattery is famous for its felinological activities and scientific and creative approach.
    Here animals are loved because they live together with us. Cats live and develop, surrounded by people’s care. Animals are never locked in the cage. Because of this special care animals in our cattery are socialized and well behaved.
    From the childhood our cats know from us about cat’s tray and scratching post. For future owners of cats from our cattery - if you have any questions concerning care or nutrition and you will be given a professional advice from one of the experts from our cattery. If anyone wants to start breeding cats, which in the future will be a brilliant show career, the cattery expertes are happy to teach how to do it.
   All the features of the two breeds of cats can be found on other pages of our website. There you can find information about getting a kitten from our cattery.

Hopefully you will find a suitable kitten!

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