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   Pets - are close friends of us. Some people prefer to start with exotic animals such as African pygmy hedgehogs. Hybrid breed has been created specifically to live inside the house with people. Such animals cannot live on the street - they cannot survive in the wild. African pygmy hedgehogs will be loved by the whole family: adults, children and elderly.

   Delicate, small hedgehogs with funny soft needles have an agreeable sweet character. They love people that are why they do not need to live in pairs. It is not recommended to put two hedgehogs in the same cage because they can start to fight. After they reach adulthood, the body length of the African pygmy hedgehogs is 15-20 cm and weight is - from 350 to 500 grams.

   Wild hedgehogs are adapted to live in nature, are very different from animals that are bred by breeders from Europe. They have different habits, needs and requirements. The first time people bred this type of hedgehog was in 1995. Spiny pet can live an average of 5 years, if you follow all the recommendations of the breeder, the life of an animal can last up to 7 years.


   Anyone who wishes to have at home African pygmy hedgehog (in Europe there is already a lot of people) can select color of animal according to your taste. There are different colors of hedgehogs such as: apricot, champagne, cinnamon, «pepper and salt». Actually, there are many colors of hedgehogs.

   Owners of these pets do not need to worry about having a specific odor in the house, these hedgehogs have almost no smell, they do not hibernate, and they are not loud. They are usually fed with the cat food.

   It is fun to play with these hedgehogs; you can even use toys that do not have acute angles. Hedgehogs really love their owners. They are easily trained, sit well in hands, find contact easily and perfectly socialized. That is why these animals are fully adapted specifically for life at home.

   Unique unusual pets are fun and active. It is a pleasure to have them at home.