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The character of the African Pigmy Hedgehogs

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   African pygmy hedgehogs have personality. They have character, a certain way of communicating. Some animals are very sociable, others like loneliness. You need to try to become a friend of a hedgehog.

   Animals have an infinite charm. They love people, but it is worth to protect them from children. Great creature can get scared and accidentally bite your child, its needles are dangerous, small child can get hurt.

   When you buy a hedgehog you need to buy one that is calm when it sits in your hands. Some hedgehog may be really aggressive. They are not always calm, they may start to sniff and even bite you. It happens that it can start running away from you. If an animal doesn’t sit in your hand, to tame it yourself may be problematic.

   Hedgehogs are attractive animals that you really want to keep in the house. These hedgehogs do not become a ball. They are very gentle, white-bellied. Their fragility and vulnerability attracts many people. They like to be looked after and stroked.

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