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     Royal curly cat or Cornish Rex came from the county of Cornwall in England. It has a wonderful appearance and a great intellect. It is tied to a man like a dog and also strongly devoted to its master. Cats of this breed can be easily trained to certain commands. It has a true a beauty of nature. Its ideal form: long, slender legs, big ears, short curly hair. It's soft, hot and tender to the touch. All her movements are graceful and elegant.


     Many people love cats, but cannot keep them in the house because of allergies. Cornish Rex doesn’t have much fur, so these animals are suitable for people who have an allergy. It is easy to see that the breed has a lot of self-esteem and different from other breeds. Soft curly short hair - it is one of the most important advantages. An unusual cat first appeared in 1950 in the UK, in the county of Cornwall. One cat gave birth to an unusual kitten, its color was white and red, and it had curly hair. Because of this it was different from other kittens. It was named Kalibanker. It is considered to be the progenitor of the breed.


     Maybe you have already noticed the consonance of the breed's name and the English county. "Cornish" came from the name of Cornwall, and the word "Rex" means king. A woman who had a magnificent selection of this breed gave it the name "Rex". In Europe, everyone knew about the wonderful breed in 1967. It is not surprising that everybody liked this cat. Today, after the standardization in Europe Cornish Rex is very popular. For many years, this breed has evolved and now there are even more interesting individuals, compared with their ancestors.

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     The year 1983, was marked by the approval of certain standards, special features must be present in cats of Cornish Rex. Antennae should be wavy hair quite short, all in curls just cuddly, huge ears pointed upwards, almost more than the head itself. You can choose different color of Cornish Rex according to your taste. These animals are very graceful, unusual and gorgeous.

      People should know that the Cornish Rex is much more tied to the owner than to the place where it lives. This cat is your companion. In the veins of the cat runs a truly aristocratic blood. They know where their food is and they do not have a wish to jump on the table in the house. Males do not mark territory, because they understand that people do not like it. They do not spoil things and do not rub against them. Peculiar smell of the animal is missing. These cats can be led on a leash. These animals do not have quality as revenge and rancor. Cornish Rex do not shed.

     The animal has a great energo-therapeftical abilities. They have a very positive effect on the human nervous system, so you can easily get rid of depression, insomnia, headaches. In addition, the person’s  blood pressure normalizes and this cat even lowers cholesterol. A person needs to communicate with these animals, because of this he will feel better.


     Cornish Rex are pleasant to the touch because of their curly fur and they look elegant and graceful, truly like a king. Probably no one can have a bad mood, looking at these wonderful cats