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     Cornish Rex is a mysterious breed, it has a fantastic beauty of the elves, and its character is perfect for people who love good, affectionate, loyal and contact animals who will always be around and participate in the life of their owner.

      Cat breed Cornish Rex is having not just a great appearance, but also character. The main feature is a big love of people. Cornish Rex - is a full member of the family who is interested in everything going on in the house. Nothing escapes from its attention. They hate loneliness and are very attached to their owners. Cornish Rex is famous for its kindness, love affection and attention. You can’t ignore these creatures in the house. You will need to play with them, and people will get tired of this game first. These cats are very active. Cornish Rex prefers human society. It has good relationships with other animals , but it is nothing comparing to the relationships with the owner.

The character of this cat is so interesting that it can take a long time to talk about it. The animal is energetic, inquisitive, good-natured, considerate, and emotional. These animals are very people-oriented, constantly next to a man when he’s at home. Persistence is not a feature of this cat. People get tired of communicating with this wonderful cat. But if the owner wants to play with his pet, you will not even have to call it , it will be enough to throw a glance and the animal will immediately start playing with you one way or another.


     To communicate with the Cornish Rex is a pleasure. Her body is very gentle, soft to the touch. The animal is slim, it has a very long tail. Cat expresses its emotions very clearly. It will not be difficult for the owner to understand the mood of the cat. If the animal feels resentment, joy, sadness and gratitude, it will be immediately noticeable. Cornish Rex gladly comes "to help the owner," if he asks about it. Pet is almost always next to its owner. You are closely watched by the keen eyes. Since the animal has tact, it will not be climb right into the arms. If the owner asks, only then it will go to action otherwise it will keep watching. This assistance is certainly looks very funny if you look at the efforts of a cat, a person will experience positive emotions. It is possible that you can cheer yourself up this way.

      Love of Cornish Rex will be enough for all family members,  and other sociable animals. Young children love these cats. They become great friends for kids. Cornish Rex is very friendly. When it meets with the other animals it is cautious, but soon it seems that it was a long time since they met.


      What you like about these cats is their love to always be with their owner and help if the owner needs it. Cornish Rex can easily learn commands. To train them is as easy as training a dog. They are compared to the dogs because of their dedication and intelligence. If a person wants to take a cat of this breed, he should know that he gets a responsibility. He can not simply ignore the animal that needs attention and simply loves its owner.

Take a Cornish Rex in hands, hug it , rub its curls, look in its naive, full of interest and love eyes and you will never want to let it go.