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     Cornish Rex is one of the best breeds to keep at home.

    Cornish Rex always impresses its owners with intelligence and beauty. In addition to all of the above, these wonderful creatures have good health. They do not have genetic predisposition to diseases. They are unpretentious to environmental conditions and are satisfied with little. They need a balanced diet and physical exercise to stay healthy. Under these conditions, these magnificent creations of nature will be quite happy. Their lifespan is very long. They can live up to 20 years, with the right care and attention from the owner.

    Caring for a cat of this breed is very simple. You need to purchase a special toilet with a door that looks like a closed box. You need to cut its nails from time to time. This is done with special nail clipper. If you pay enough attention to Cornish Rex, it is possible to live with it in unison, the cat will always make you happy, no problems with its content will arise.


     Despite such an exotic appearance, Cornish Rex can get used to many things in the house.

   Coat of Cornish Rex is a short, plush, curly. These majestic creation is very pleasant to the touch, to keep them in the hands of a pleasure. Animals love the heat and try to stay in the house in warm places, such as a radiator. They are afraid of cold, as not as the representatives of the breed Sphinx, but still, it is worth to protect them from cold. Beautiful wool of Cornish Rex is always in good condition, regardless the age. It is soft, smooth and silky, very pleasant to touch with a hand. Before taking a representative of the royal breed to the exhibition, it is preferably to bathe the animal. This is done using a special shampoo. After washing it, its hair is shiny and fragrant, looks very neat. For high-quality grooming use suede cloth. It is very convenient to use it to remove dead cells from the body of the animal.

     In order for a cat to look good, have a nice feeling and mood cats , it is required to feed your cat properly. You should use special food for cats. You can’t find everything your cat needs in the kitchen. Vitamins and minerals are rich in professional food for cats, and it is worth buying it. Poor diet is dangerous for the Cornish Rex. The cat may lose its beauty because of this. It will be in a bad mood, wool will become dull, may disrupt metabolism. You need to feed your cat with either homemade food or professional. It is not recommended to combine different products as it is bad for the digestion.

     Cornish Rex - is gorgeous slender cat, it should be a little limited in the food. They love to eat, and if you give them they will, it can become very plump, thereby losing its natural harmony. Do not be surprised if the animal is to constantly asking for food. Cat does it because it has "nothing to do" rather than because of hunger. You do not need to teach it ​​ overeating. The animal must be trained to eat at a certain time, when the owner calls it.

     For good digestion you need to have some pots in the house, with special grass. The animal should always have clean water. It is necessary to monitor there is enough water for a cat to drink. Stagnant water should be changed.


     Cornish Rex loves walking on the street. In the winter it is strictly not recommended to allow them to do so.

    Cornish Rex is very smart, just once you need to show it what is allowed. Cats of this breed really love their owners, it likes to sleep with you in the same bed. If the owner allows it to sleep with him/ her from childhood, you will need to keep this habit, an adult cat will be impossible to get rid of tom the bed. If the animal made something wrong, then the punishment should be soft enough, you can just splash in it with water.


     Love, kindness, and attention - these things should surround the Cornish Rex from the childhood. Then it will give its owner even more warm feelings such as love.