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About Norwegian Forest Cat

    Norwegian Forest Cat - is one of the most beloved and admired cats in the world. Animals reach a fairly large size, they have a thick double-layered fur, because of this they seem to be even larger. Their fur has a water repellent and waterproof properties, paws and claws are very strong, climbs really fast.

    Its main feature is that, unlike the others, she is able to go down like a squirrel down from a tree, ie a spiral and head down. Proportions of limbs resemble lynx.

   Males are much larger than females. Weight of an adult cat male is about 9 kg, females weigh less. Norwegian forest cat reaches its maximum weight in about  3-4 years. They have a long tail, ears like tassels.

    Movements Norwegian forest cat are graceful. This cat is interesting for its activity and curiosity.

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   When you look at a cat, it seems that it is the queen of all other cats. Impressive size, thick soft fur, very soft to the touch, serious look slanted eyes. The entire appearance of the cat makes you have a warm feeling of tenderness to the magnificent animal. This seems to create a mystical creature, bringing happiness to the world, knowing some unknown mysteries of us and at the same time has the usual needs.

   Heroes of Scandinavian myths were the ancestors of the Norwegian forest. Legend tells that the Scandinavian goddess of love Freya rode in a chariot that was carried by the cat of this breed. In Norse mythology, these animals are given a special attention. It is believed that they are able to make magic.

   There is a story that tells that in Norway these mystical animals were brought by Vikings. They found a great muscular and huge creatures in Scottish forests. Vikings took them on board to get rid of mice. Animals helped to deal with rodents, carriers of the plague. Scandinavian sailors spent much of their time at sea. Their wives were engaged in farming. Often, mice and other rodents ruined their harvest. Norwegian Forest Cat became the savior of the crops. Animals do not require special conditions. Cats began to eat rodents that they managed to catch. For a time, the rodents were their only food, then they went back into the forest. There as a result of changes in natural conditions their fur became very thick.

    In the forest cats had to survive in harsh conditions. They got wet in the rain and snow, had to hunt to get food. Living conditions left their mark on genetics, animal appearance began to change. Claws from generation to generation became stronger, wool thickened even more animals became larger, increased their weight - they turned into a real giant. Thick undercoat did not allow beautiful creatures to get frozen and created a magnificent comfort. Norwegian forest claws become so strong that they could climb on the rocks, break the ice and cut fish.

   Norwegian Forest Cats greatly helped the Vikings in their lives - stopped a plague epidemic, destroyed rodents, and saved crops by eating mice. There are engravings which portrayed these beautiful cats.

    Farmhouses have become a home for the Norwegian forest cat for many centuries. The first exhibition of the most beautiful creations of nature in Norway Stogkatt was in 1938, but at that time the Scandinavians didn’t want to recognize Norwegian Forest Cat as a separate breed. Breeding of these cats was not systematized, no one worried of their protection. Finally, in 1963 Norwegian Forest became a separate breed and acquired its name.


     Norwegian King Olav V called this cat symbol of the country since then the magnificent cat became national symbol of the country.

   Today Norsk Stogkatt or Norwegian Forest Cat- is a respected popular breed, which has now been recognized by the International Association of cats and cats life changed to good conditions.