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About the Character of the Norwegian Forest Cat

     Norwegian Forest Cats are majestic and beautiful, and their character is graceful.

    An animal think that it is the owner of the house, watching after other people in the house. It welcomes guests that come with you, but won’t be happy if they take it on their hands. An animal will allow rubbing its hair for some time.

     Norwegian Forest Cat is official in Norway. An animal is as wonderful as the nature of its wonderful country. If you select a Norwegian forest from other species, then you bring into the house quiet and attentive animal to all members of the house. Norwegian forest cat finds a common language with other animals living in the house. Affectionate, gentle and soft in nature, norwegian forest cat will always make people happy.

    The past of this wonderful breed was not easy. Its place in the sun, they found due to their perseverance. Hunger and cold did not break this wonderful cat, and only strengthened the genetics, so the descendants inherited a strong nervous system, the ability to analyze a situation, stability, and independence.

    Norwegian Forest Cat has a high intellect. It can easily be accustomed to the tray, she realizes that environmental furniture in the house and you cannot spoil things. If you talk to the animals calm, it is easy to contact, it is possible to teach commands. Even in childhood cat is easy to train. Talking to her it is not necessary to raise the tone, using obscene words. Gentle creature accepts soft treatment, without any coercion. If treated well, the animal will be a true friend. The breed is distinguished for its accuracy and cleanliness.


     The character of the Norwegian forest cat has several contradictions. It is quite headstrong and independent, but at the same time it is good, affectionate, and loyal to the owner. Due to its huge size the great creation is not afraid of dogs and is good friend to them. Fabulous creature loves children. You do not need to worry about the fact that the animal will scratch the baby during the game.

    Being gentle and adoring to its owners, the cat does not like excessive petting. It can be stroked, she will not immediately leave the knees, but you can’t keep an animal with you the whole day, animals should have a relative freedom. At the same time, it also likes to chat. An animal is very active. They will play with their owners, even when they reach adulthood, not only in childhood. Games will not be too long and exhausting. Representatives of this breed do everything in moderation.

    They look pretty well after their appearance. Lovely bonus to owners is that they do not have to comb the animal too ofter, it can take care after its fur on its own.

    Norwegian Forest Cat will be a faithful companion of their owners; it will take part in their activities, care and worry about their owners.