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     Norwegian Forest cat - is a true friend of man. One look at the beautiful animal will always lift up your spirit. To care after it is very simple, there is not much about caring after it.

     It is necessary to have a scratching post. This is done at a fairly high distance from the floor, as the animal has an impressive size. The place must be equipped with a big bed, the animal should have enough space. Maybe it wants to stretch in length.

     Norwegian Forest Cat has natural proportions. Animal preserved its body from its ancestors and has not changed much over time. So that a wonderful creation would feel good and its wool would always stay shiny and healthy the animal requires a balanced diet. The best one is -professional food. You need to have a large container of water and check that it would always be full.


     Norwegian forest cat’s health is very good , immunity system of these cats is very strong. Being in a nature setting, cat eat rodents and small birds, enjoy some herbs. In the wild animal has a balanced diet. At home, it is difficult to pick up the entire list of needed food. So that animal’s health would not be broken, you should buy special food for cats. There is professional food for specific breeds or long-haired cats. Norwegian forest cat would eat one another option. A special dish should be used for water. The plastic used is not a good material of this. The best materials are stainless steel and ceramics. Such materials posses a dense structure in comparison with the plastic, they do not absorb odors, bacteria growth therein excluded. So, the first thing you need to buy is a good bowl and the cat will like to drink water from it.

     For the happy life of the Norwegian forest cat it needs a few toys, a good quality food and a big bed. Many people like the Norwegian Forest Cat, but they fear for the condition of their homes, as the cat has long thick hair. But in fact, no problems come up, because their coat is smooth, silky and has a dense structure. In Persian and Angora cats fur is quite different. It is because of these cats people’s home is full of wool. You won’t have such problems with Norwegian Forest Cat. You need to comb your cat 2 times a year, every day in spring and autumn during molting, the rest of the year no problems with hair arise. You need to bath an animal not so often as it is bad for its wool.

     Twice a month, it is necessary to clean the ears of the Norwegian forest. To do this, use a cotton swab dipped in a special liquid. Several times a month you need to cut the claws of an animal if it never goes out and is always at home.

     Norwegian Forest Cat needs to communicate with the owner, particularly strong attention you need to pay to the kittens. You need to give it your love.


Any person can have a cat, but only the person who wants to have a little piece of wildlife at home chooses Norwegian forest cat among the whole pile of breeds.

Cat that is like a lynx will live with a man in the house side by side will be a real friend and assistant, as well as the home guardian, who will always cheer you up and bring joy.